Upcoming trips

I regularly take tourists / journalists / photographers to visit Nenets areas in Arctic Russia.

Other small Russian trips I have in the pipeline include:

1) A visit to Zaychya Zaimka, a very traditional village of Russian Old Believers in the Altay region.

2) Visiting a famous shaman in the Yakutian village of Vilyuysk.

3) Hitch hiking along frozen river surfaces from Yakutia to Chukotka and staying with reindeer herders once there.

4) Hitch hiking with all-terrain vehicles through the roadless and riverless tundra between Yakutia and the Taymyr Peninsula (Mirny – Yurung-Khay – Popigay – Khatanga – Norilsk) then on by frozen river surfaces and temporary winter roads to Salekhard and the Yamal Peninsula (via Novy Urengoy and Naadym).

I have planned all these trips down to the finest details, have contacts in the areas and am just waiting for the time and money to carry them out!

The next big trip I am dreaming of will unfortunately not be for some time. Mostly likely it will begin next summer at the earliest. First I have to pay off my maxed out credit cards and overdrafts then save up enough. The trip, if it ever happens, will be some or all of the following:

Angola – Arctic Siberia without flying then back down to the Solomon Islands, also without flying. I’ve researched it every step of the way and it’s all possible. It would be possible on such a trip to take in almost all the remaining countries that I am interested in but have not yet visited, bar a few in South America.

It may well not all get done at once and just become a lifetime project done in small stages, but we’ll see.

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