*Off the Unbeaten Track*

Off the beaten track you find the unbeaten track. This site is about places off that unbeaten track, where few if any travelers have been before. The emphasis is on tribal people, nomads, ethnic minorities, other religions and spiritual beliefs, traditional culture, traditional architecture, traditional clothing, beautiful scenery and independent extreme / adventure travel.

To the right you will find a drop-down list of countries with with sub-headings for areas in them and sub-sub headings for places within those areas. If you want, you can start at the main page for each country then follow links to areas within it, or you can jump straight to the area you want. When this website is completed each page will include photos, travel advice and a link to my blog for that place.

This website is not a complete guide to everything that can be seen and done in each of the countries and areas listed to the right. Nor does it contain all information of possible use to the traveler. What it does contain is detailed information on interesting parts of those countries listed to the right that commercial guide books missed out, usually due to those areas’ remoteness (for example the Yamal Peninsula in Russia). It also contains information on areas included in the guide books but which I feel the guide books and in general most English-language internet resources misrepresent (for example Kamchatka is always portrayed as being prohibitively expensive whereas in reality it can be done independently and very cheaply).

All information is based on my own first hand experience in these places and thorough pre-trip research. All photographs are my own, unless otherwise stated.

So far only the Afghanistan, Kyrgyzstan, Indonesia, Russia, South West China, West Papua, the Philippines , Vanuatu, Yap State, Micronesia and Mongolia sections are finished.

Happy travels!

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