Kyzyl Oi

The scenery around Kyzyl Oi challenges even that off the Suusamyr Basin. While Suusamyr is lush and green with a myriad of variously-coloured flowers dotting the shepherds’ pastures, the mountainous giants surrounding Kyzyl Oi throw up an equally impressive array of hues, albeit barren, rocky reds, browns, blacks, oranges and greys.

Ruins in the mountains near Kyzyl Oi, Kyrgyzstan

Ruins in the mountains near Kyzyl Oi

You can get here from Suusamyr, although only by hitchhiking or hiring your own vehicle. The drive is spectacular, passing through a very tall, narrow canyon on a bumpy dirt track thirty feet or so above the raging white waters of a river.

You can also get here from Kochkor, Jumgal and Kyzart (access points for Lake Song Kol). From them public transport goes as far as Chayek but after that you will have to hitchhike or hire your own vehicle to Kyzyl Oi.

On the main street in Kyzyl Oi, easily visible when you arrive from either direction, is a sign advertising the one guest house. The owner can explain how to get to yurt encampments in the surrounding mountains, the nearest of which are four hours’ walk away, and give the names of contact people you can stay with in those yurts.

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