Goudzhekit was once a small village but now nobody lives there permanently. It is now just a turbaza (cheap, low-quality, Spartan, soviet holiday camp) with beautiful scenery and some ridiculously hot but supposedly healthy springs.

Railway tracks and beautiful mountain scenery, Goudzhekit, Siberia

The railway tracks at Goudzhekit

Several daily trains leave Severobaikalsk (a town on eastern Russia‘s BAM railway) for Goudzhekit and take about an hour to get there. Once there, follow the other people who get off the train down a track through the forest for five or ten minutes – they are all going to the turbaza and hot springs as there is nothing else here. If no one else gets off you can ask at the station for directions but it is pretty simple. Get off the train, walk straight ahead past a couple of station buildings and after twenty metres you will be at the edge of a forest with a track running along it. Follow the track to the right and it will bring you to the turbaza and hot springs. Check the timetable at Goudzhekit station first though so you know what time the last train back to Severobaikalsk goes. If you miss it there is of course cheap accommodation at the Goudzhekit turbaza.

The springs at Goudzhekit are extremely hot and supposedly very healthy too, However, due to the extreme heat you apparently shouldn’t stay in the water for more than 10 minutes at a time. After one dip you should have a 15-minute break, then one more dip then no more.

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