Lani country

The Lani speak a different language from the Dani and live to the west of the Baliem Valley. Less Lani wear traditional (un)dress than Dani but at the same time the area is more remote, less tourists go there and the people are friendlier than in the Baliem Valley.

Man of the Lani tribe near Kimbim, Central Highlands, West Papua

Lani man near Kimbim

As with the Dani, the Lani’s traditional dress is the penis gourd, or koteka. The Lani kotekas are, however, traditionally much fatter than the thin Dani and Yali ones.

Although Lani country begins around Kimbim, accessible by regular public transport that takes a couple of hours from Wamena (the main town in the Baliem Valley), you will not see any of the traditional fat Lani kotekas until you go much further west to Tiom, about fourteen hours from Wamena and also accessible by public transport that leaves early in the morning. Tiom and Karubaga are good places to start treks in Lani country from.

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