The last village before the 12-hour trek through uninhabited territory to Waniyok in West Papua‘s Yalimo, Sobaham makes a good place to recharge your batteries before setting out.

Dani man crossing a bridge on the way from Ninia to Sobaham, Central Highlands, West Papua

Crossing a bridge on the way from Ninia to Sobaham

The path leads back from Sobaham via Ninia, Moning, Kiroma and Yogosem to Kurima in the Baliem Valley (2 – 3 days trekking) or on to Waniyok and Angguruk in the Yalimo (about 15 hours trekking to Angguruk or 12 to Waniyok). In the uninhabited territory between Sobaham and Waniyok there are a couple of shelters that make overnighting possible along the way. After Angguruk the path leads on to Kosarek and further into Mek country.

In Sobaham there is a visitors’ honai (traditional thatch hut) you can sleep in.

Make sure to carry lots of water when setting out from Sobaham to Waniyok as for the there is a long stretch with no streams or rivers.

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